Why use video?

Video is a desirable content type to create for your customers, and its never been easier to make or consume. Folks out there watch a lot of video, and they look for information on a lot of things. Search engines are ranking videos higher in results. We use video to market ourselves because folks will stop and pay attention to a good video. However, its still a challenge for many businesses to produce good videos internally.

We partner with you every step of the way, all it takes is to view our free tutorials online. Many folks out there feel they don’t need to make anything complicated, and it just so happens we have videos for you – freely available – so you can get started with video. We thank you for any payment be it views, likes, or subscribes. And please – let us know in the comments of our videos what other topics you’d like to see covered.

Here we describe the steps involved to make video to a high standard. Making a professional video starts with an idea – the best videos will have a narrative, there will be a set up and a character will go through change. However it begins we end up with a script or outline for filming.

Good video starts with good audio. Then, by practicing great composition, lighting, and generally executing well – that is most of what happens in the frame. And what’s happening in the frame should be captured by a suitable lens-camera system.

Then it’s off to the computer where those gigabytes of media are ingested so editing can begin. Its about crafting that media into a video which delivers the message in the appropriate amount of time. Always use the most powerful computer you can access, desktops have more powerful central processor than laptops – there’s a lot to what dictates computer performance. After the computer’s performance – experience with the editing process is the most powerful predictor of editing speed, then that editor’s proficiency with the software.

First the sequence is assembled in a structural order, then it goes through a finessing process. The audio is given special care such as leveling, colours are corrected because outside of a studio colour temperature varys, graphics are added, and any effects are applied. After all that – it can be distributed. On some platforms you can embed interactivity – such as at the end of a video on YouTube, you can have end screens. This way you can direct people to more of your content, after all they did watch your video all the way through so they might want to see more of your stuff – why not make it easy for them?

So that’s the base process. Now if you were looking to get started with video we’ve got a YouTube channel on the subject, and we’re uploading often to keep it fresh. At the same time you might be looking to do more, or grander productions. We’re available to help you – after all, although we like to shoot – we don’t have to shoot it to edit it!

We think you should use us because:

  • It doesn’t cost you anything to access our freely available tutorials and resources
  • We’re small, efficient, and willing to work hard for our customers
  • We use our initiative to keep your project moving
  • It’s a lot of fun to work with us!

Even if you don’t choose us as your video partner, by simply watching, liking, subscribing – or writing comments – you’re our customer, and we’re glad to have you on board. Thank you so much.

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