Tutorial 02 – Build a library of clips

When your videos are being edited, one of the key factors to maximise the quality of your edit is the choice of clips available.

Having more clips available, and/or:

  • higher quality captures
  • better composed frames
  • better audio
  • your product or service in a diverse range of settings
  • your product or service being used by a wide range of folks

… all of this can only help. The more choice you have, the greater the potential for the video you’re trying to make. Your library of clips is an asset to your business. If you’re looking to do more with video its important to deliberately capture pictures, video, and audio which can communicate your messages to the customer.

Cellphone shot from Waimangu Volcanic Valley

An example of a usable smart device shot, this was taken with my previous device – the Motorola Moto G2. 

Now, building a library doesn’t have to cost anything. Smart devices are commonplace, and although the camera’s on ’em aren’t great – it’s still something! On my smart device (LG Nexus 5X) I know that double tapping the power button will quickly bring up the camera app. So, as long as I’ve got my phone on me, I’m literally seconds away from being able to capture potentially useful and relevant photo/video.

As mentioned, the smart device’s small chip camera isn’t great … and although you’re probably a good shot – professional grade equipment exists; and  professional photographers, videographers, &  sound engineers exist. Depending on what you’re doing, you may wish to call upon such a resource.

Consider for example addressing an audience – if you’re speaking you’re not necessarily able to capture anything, but images of you addressing an audience demonstrate your credibility and capability – after all your ability to draw a crowd is marketable. In such a situation, even a simple approach like inviting someone along and passing them your cellphone, asking them to take shots which clearly show it’s you, and that there’s a crowd of folks listening – surely this is of value to you.

Whatever the event – if its a rare occasion I’d suggest getting the best photo/video/audio you can. Choosing a professional has many advantages – you can trust them to move around and get a variety of angles, they’ll use premium equipment, and you’ll get a lot of usable stuff. If however you’ve passed your cellphone to your teenage son … its possible you’ll end up with just a couple of shaky, vertical, snaps – maybe there will be nothing usable at all.

Whatever your approach, you’ll want to be collecting the highest quality visual/audio assets you can with the resource you have available. Think of it like a bank. You’re actively working and regularly making deposits, when the time comes to make a withdrawal – the better quality the stuff in the bank, the better quality video you can produce from it.

Thank you so much for watching, and reading. I sincerely hope this helps you on the path to video production. We have a LinkedIn group where we can all discuss how video is impacting our businesses, and how we can help each other. If you haven’t yet subscribed to us on YouTube – its free of course, and we’d really appreciate it. Thanks again – Simon.

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