Tutorials – It begins!

It is our intention to help you. So we’re creating tutorials so your business can do more with Video. Here’s our first one:

Tutorial 01 – Handycam as a Microphone

Handycams are great, they’re small, you can quickly swap memory cards, and the better ones are packed with features. In this tutorial I describe how you can get good quality audio on location by using a handycam as a microphone.

It’s as simple as finding the microphone on your handycam, and holding it as close to the audio source as possible. I’d recommend avoiding the direct path of human speech, hold it just out of the way to avoid ‘pops’ from plosive sounds in words like pungent … also I’d recommend keeping the lens cover on when recording audio. Resulting files will be smaller, and when you’re in your editing software you can easily tell which clips were audio only.

An example of how such collected audio might be used – let’s say you were making a video to showcase a product being used by a customer who gives their endorsement. You’d collect video of the customer using the product – ideally with their lips not visible, or visible but not moving; also of course – record the customer’s endorsement of your product by collecting good audio … handycam mic style.

Now, what’s edited out of this will depend on so many things – but loosely I’d start by selecting music (if any), then cutting up the audio to tell the story, then finding the shots to illustrate that story. I’d finish it by adding any graphics – the customer’s name should probably come up, any effects, final finessing. And that would be the piece done.

A handycam is small and versatile, and with this one little trick its almost guaranteed you’ll make a good piece. After all – a person’s good audio backed up by supporting clips is much better than a person performing to camera who cannot be heard. I hope this helps, thanks for reading – Simon from BB Group NZ.

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