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Whether you’ve come from Google, our Video, or somewhere else – welcome! If you’re in the marine industry and need video – we’d like to help. We work with you to craft the best video possible.

Now in terms of how a video gets made – we’re flexible. We can, and like to do everything – however if you’ve already got good footage we know it’s wise to use it. You can click here to find out more about what we do and how we work with you. And if you’ve already got an idea of what you’d like, it’d be great to chat about it – what footage and photos do you have? And what sort of result are you looking for?

If you’re looking to get a lot of exposure for your video, we’d strongly recommend getting featured in Boating New Zealand Magazine. And as with all our videos these can be shot and/or edited by us or a third party.

Marine Video Differences

Sometimes a lot of little touches work together and make a big difference. Below we’ve got some areas where we apply special attention.

The bread and butter of your marine video is built around smooth, stable boat-to-boat shots. Usually there’s a second boat for getting images, or we shoot two boats at a time so we’re shooting one boat from the other and swapping during the shoot

Even roomy boats can appear cramped and small if they’re not shot properly. We do what it takes to accurately communicate the abundant space available.

We know how to collect the hero shots – the stunning, glorious imagery that makes people go ‘wow’. I can tell you now it’s ideal to shoot the boat at dawn or dusk in full sunlight without cloud cover so its lit beautifully and dramatically. The inside looks best when we avoid hard shadows from the sun – so either shot in the shade, or when its overcast, and night time shoots can work beautifully too.

Lots can go wrong with the audio out at sea – VHF’s go off, wind picks up, engines and generators can accidentally be left running. Sometimes you want audio to play at a time when it wouldn’t be good to collect it – like when helming or running an outboard. We’re experienced and when we’re planning with you we can provide helpful insight about when and how we collect the audio – to make sure its good.

Artistic impressions are a wonderful unique way to visualise your product. Plus sometimes its just not possible or easy to take a photo or video – such as when a product is still in a conceptual stage. Amy’s artistic impressions can be used as standalone stills or within video.

Thanks to Drones it has never been easier to capture aerial shots. We can capture your Drone footage ourselves, work with a third party UAV operator, or use footage you supply.

Your 3D models are an asset, and we can leverage them in your video. It’s great if you want to communicate additional fit out options, or get people excited about a product that isn’t built yet.

Getting the video you need has never been this easy, to find out more click here for what we do, or here to contact us.