Our work – NZBoatShow.TV

If you’re looking for something to watch, why not check out NZBoatShow.TV? (Directed by Ian Rawkins)

Click here to watch NZBoatShow.TV on YouTube

Here you can watch all eight 30 min episodes for free!

TV is still the #1 way Kiwis watch video, which is part of the reason why this show aired on FaceTV. However the best quality version is on YouTube, streaming on demand and freely accessible.

The show wouldn’t have been possible without the backing of Boating New Zealand magazine, the Coastguard, NZ Marine, Club Marine Insurance.

Some honesty from me – I am proud of the result we achieved with NZBoatShow.TV considering the resources available, and significant time pressures. However I was not in control of the production strategy – moving forward we have a clear strategy for the next show. Instead of trying to make all the content for a weekly show week-to-week, its important to make content early – finesse that content, and build it up as a bank of good, usable, standalone pieces. As long as all that content fits a theme, then all that is needed is to film intros, outros, and links between pieces. So instead of the show being the priority, the pieces are the priority – and making up a show of better quality pieces will result in a better quality show. And those pieces which stand alone can be used on the internet ahead of the release of the show.

It is true that there is an audience of people out there who cannot be reached online, but can be reached through television. Contact us if you’d like to find out how to make content your customers want to watch – which can be broadcast either online, or on TV.

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