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BB Group NZ is geared up to assist with any and all stages of video production from start to finish.

Our greatest strength comes from the skillsets of our core team of two. Combined, we share intimate technical knowledge, and insightful creative perspectives; we’re resourceful – and create great content fast.

Quick Overview

Making a good video is a collaborative process, and although we like to be as involved as possible we know some businesses have the resource to make parts of the video themselves.
Sometimes its easy for businesses to collect footage, but challenging to pull together the resources to edit it up.

  • eg: You want to make a lot of videos on a regular basis from fresh ideas, you have a good camera and can purchase the necessary audio gear – but don’t want to invest in the editing computer, software, graphics, etc.
    • We consult with you – talk about your equipment and goals, and how best to capture everything.
    • Your video/audio can be sent to us, we’ll edit and finesse it into a piece for you.
Sometimes you need help to get all that video & audio, and although you’d like to edit it yourself the initial editing tasks are laborious and cumbersome – you’d like to be supplied a clean file with all the audio/video synced up to make it easy to get started.

  • eg: You attend events with a busy schedule and want to capture as much good stuff as possible for editing up later on. Although you have a decent camera its irrelevant because you’re just too busy to set it up, and although your staff are excellent at their jobs – they’re not camera operators so you know their stuff won’t be amazing. You have an editing computer and are happy with the quality you can produce however it does take a fair chunk of time.
    • We can attend with you and collect plenty of great usable video & audio from the event, you can easily get great interviews with clear audio. After the event we could give you all the raw footage; or we could semi-edit the raw footage into Premiere Pro multicams making it easy to get started with.
You’d like to get a great video made, and want us to handle everything – you also want alignment and a predictable end result.

  • eg: An exhibition’s coming up in a month and you want an amazing video for your company’s stand
    • We learn all about your company, your customers, what you’re showcasing, and the event. We work out the level we’re shooting for, and plan the video with you. We shoot, edit, and finesse it together to tell your story as effectively as possible. You’re in the loop every step of the way to make sure we’re planning, shooting, and delivering an amazing video that’s everything you’re expecting and more. We aim to finish as quickly as we can because extra time is extremely helpful with video production.

What will a video cost?

Read on for details – we can do the whole process, or help you with specific stages


Depending on the type of video you’d like to make, we can help you plan efficiently to successfully achieve your desired end result. If you’ve ever tried to make a video before you’d know that there’s the video you plan, the video you shoot – then the video you edit. We can help with:

  • Traditional planning – script writing and storyboards
  • Test shoot planning – quickly shoot or create mock-ups of the general idea & edit it up to see if the idea works
  • Dynamic planning – sometimes there’s an event you’d like captured, people you’d like interviewed – but their dialog and actions aren’t scripted; we can capture this for you and edit it up into a seamless piece. We can work with you to form a strategy so on the day we capture the type of stuff you’re after.


We have cameras and audio equipment suitable for broadcast-quality productions. Here are some typical examples of shoots we’ve got well and truly covered:

  • Pieces to camera with good audio
  • Two person dialog, with separate audio from each person
  • Multi-person interview, with separate audio from as many people as necessary with a wireless dynamic mic

If we’re editing and filming the project we can ‘shoot-to-edit’, ensuring we’re providing all the shots we know we’ll need for editing. Also when we get to the edit suite – the editor assembling the sequence is the same person who was there shooting it. This greatly speeds production because the editor doesn’t need to spend time exploring all the footage.


We take all your assets: video, audio, photos, graphics, animations, etc – and bring them together for assembly in a way that best delivers your message. A project can consist entirely of assets captured by BB Group, or we may be editing something shot by yourself or a 3rd party & supplied to us, or we could mix & match – perhaps a blend of our video, and photos captured by a photographer. This is the most involved & flexible part of the whole process. After all, it’s entirely possible to craft an amazing professional video using only: stock footage bought online, music, a voiceover, and motion graphics.

  • Shoot & Edit
  • Editing only
  • Editing a blend of our shots, and assets supplied by you


We’ve got keen eyes & ears for video, and thoroughly review the results of that first edit. Structurally it represents one possible final version. To make the best video we need feedback – the team involved should watch the review to look for enhancements and corrections. There could be two or more copies to review: if we want to try out a couple of different ideas, or if we’re making multiple videos from one shoot. Reviewing is important because exploring feedback and accepting helpful suggestions results in a better video, and with the exception of graphics the next steps should only need to happen once.


Its standard for us to put graphics into our projects. It may be that you’d like to choose fonts which reflect your existing website, print, signage, or branding. You may wish to supply the copy, or you’d like us to write it. If you’re planning to do regular videos with us we can spend some initial time designing fancy ways to animate the way graphics come on-screen and off.

Another option is to purchase a graphics package online – as low as $10-20 USD will get a lot of customisable animations. These graphics packages accelerate production time and enhance quality.

We can also rotoscope, composite, rig, and puppet animate. Watch this space – because sophisticated 2D and 3D animation packages are coming soon.


It’s our standard to enhance all our videos; once the final video cut is approved it has the sounds, and images enhanced, and in some cases the motion graphics are replaced.

AUDIO is given a final pass of enhancement to eliminate or minimise unwanted noises, and ensure the final mix sounds clean and level. For high grade productions we use external audio engineer, sound designer, musician, and all around top bloke Larry Killip.

COLOURS are corrected & graded to provide a clean, vibrant, professional look.

GRAPHICS go over the top of any video, so are relatively easy to change. It may be that we’ve used placeholder graphics to begin with, and at the end we decide to replace them with sophisticated After Effects motion graphics.

And that is our brief overview of the steps to produce a good video, and we can collaborate at any level from looking after the whole project, down to a couple or even just one specific area.

Video is the hot content type online, and we know businesses out there want to use it – its just a question of how. We’d love to take care of the whole thing, or be involved in any step along the way. It is totally obligation free to give us a call or email for more information – I’m happy to answer any questions.

Click here for a couple of examples of indicative pricing. 

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