Amy’s Greeting Cards

Hello this is Simon from BB Group, thanks for stopping by.

A while ago we announced Amy has self-published some of her own greeting card designs – and now it is with great pleasure I can announce they have arrived.

We chose premium printing options for our order, and 100% recycled cardstock; we wanted to release a high-quality product in an environmentally conscious way. They look even better than we expected, all the textures and shading come through, and the colours really pop.

We have been so busy filming, editing, and drawing our other products to completion that we’re a little late to the party this year. But if you want some really special cards and you’re in Auckland – first come first serve, we have 3x 5-packs available at $25 ea:

  • 3x Fantail 2x Sheep
  • or 3x Sheep 2x Fantail

Very limited, please text/call or email to secure your 5-pack!

Over 2017 Amy will create more designs, we will stock them, and an e-shop for convenient online orders is on the way. We’ll also offer custom designs for folks looking for exclusivity … with a personal touch. Custom designs can be Greeting Cards – as well as Postcards, T-Shirt designs, posters, and calendars.

All your digital artwork needs, designed here in inspirational New Zealand by BB Group’s Amy Blackburn.

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